Human Resource Management Report HR STRATGEY

we will use a construction company we choose ( Harper Construction Company)

word limit : 4000

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Human Resource Management Report HR STRATGEY
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  1. Document a HRM STRATEGY for your company, in support of the corporate strategy; that include the following topics:
    1. Strategic HR Planning [ 10 Marks]

[Discuss the Corporate Strategy impact on HR, Develop an HR Strategy linked to the Corporate Strategy, Identify the HR Planning techniques to be used]

b. Performance Management and Compensation [10 Marks]

[What and How will you measure performance towards the new strategy, Select and justify a Compensation Strategy]

c. Training and Development and Worker Safety [10 Marks]

[What behaviors will you training for in workers and supervisors, How will you measure the success of worker training, How will you improve worker SAFTY.

Corporate strategy is :

1- Geographic expansion

2- 2 new location

3- 50 extra worker

4- 4 supervisors

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