Answer both of the questions below, then respond to the posts of two other students.

1. How did education and thinking change in the High Middle Ages According to this module? Make sure to cover the university, dialectical thinking, Peter Abelard, women’s education, scholasticism, Thomas Aquinas, the Summa Theologica, and Dominicans.

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2. In the video under “Resources” you learn about he life of St. Francis. What was this saint famous for and how did he challenge the powerful people of his world? Can you think of individuals today who challenge power? Who are they and how are they similar to or different from St. Francis?

1. Module Review. What made Italian cities so ready for new innovations in economics, arts, and politics? Who are some of the most important Italian artists covered in this chapter, how and what did they paint, and what techniques did they use?

2. Dante Alighieri in Divine Comedy had a clear ranking of sins, and some he considered to be worse than others. Take a look at the list in the textbook and/or outside sources. What do you think about the order of this list? Do you think society today has a similar way of thinking about what is most evil and wrong with people and the world? What do you think defines the worst sin/evils?

1. Module Review. Briefly summarize the works and significance of these four authors from the late medieval period: Boccaccio, Petrarch, Chaucer, Christine de Pizan.

2. Sometimes great disasters and upheavals create an opportunity for new ideas and movements to appear. This certainly happened at the end of the Middle Ages with its various disasters. Now time for some creative thinking. Do you think we are in a similar time in history, where disease, economic struggles, and racial tensions might produce something new? What do you think might be the result?

They are discussion posts. You can be formal with the style.

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