HW 3 CRJ 201

HW 3 CRJ 201

Please review the short youtube video – Compstat 2.

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HW 3 CRJ 201
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You will need to research the questions being asked. Please answer all questions in YOUR OWN WORDS.

Font size 12, Times New Roman. Double space only.Must be 2 full pages. Please provide a bibliography of where you found the material used to answer the questions.


1 – When and why was Compstat developed? Who was the NYPD Police Commissioner at this time?

Do you think this is a good way to manage PCTs? Why/Why not?

2 – What is Compstat used for? How does COMPSTAT reduce crime?

3 – What are the four principals of COMPSTAT? What NYPD Police Commissioner was instrumental in developing the 4 components?

4 – What is the most widely recognized element of COMPSTAT?


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