Indian Music

Research – explore an idea, probe an issue, solve a problem.

• To write an 8-10 pages paper on some topic of religious musical traditions of India.
• To demonstrate your ability to synthesize research, then use it in your larger argument.
• To structure and execute a coherent, eloquent, and compelling essay.
The best way to do this is to write about religious musical traditions of India with enough literature to make it accessible. For example, devotional music including bhajan, Vedic chanting, kirtan, Sufi, Ginan; use of music in religion; instruments, performance styles; historical development of religious music; the role of religious music in contemporary Indian music; religious music in commercial music industry etc. Your paper must engage with a musical performance in some way. The important thing, once you identified a topic that will work, is to develop your own voice and contribute to the topic and structure your essay in a way that helps you to communicate it well.

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Indian Music
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