Infographic research

This is an infographic, and not an essay. You want to present your ideas visually, and make them engaging and easy-to-understand. Not sure what an infographic is? Take some time to Google infographic examples (Links to an external site.), and you can start to get a feel for how they work (and maybe even some inspiration for how you want yours to work!).

im done the other two parts

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Infographic research
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Final product:


Is your completed infographic creative, engaging, and visually dynamic? Does it effectively showcase your research? Are you organizing your content and design around an attention-grabbing title? Does your title directly introduce your topic? Do you have a clear and precise explanation of what your topic is and why it matters — in approximately 75 words? Do you have ten claims or statements? Are these claims relevant, reliable, and understandable? Do they concretely support your explanation of why your topic matters? Are you using elements of layout and design to demonstrate the connections between and importance of your ideas and statements? Have you properly cited all of your sources?

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