Intelligent system

Four Activities
Activities 1,2 and 3: For each, write a short report (around 1000 words) combined into one document

Activity 1: This Activity 1.1 in the module activities.

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Intelligent system
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Activity 2: Comes from the Deep-learning practical

Activity 3: Comes from Knowledge Processing section – Is it a Cheetah?

Each report should have
– An introduction
– Background
– Description of the work done
– Insights from the work and any conclusions
– Reference list – you are expected to have more than one reference and at least one to a book, journal paper or conference paper

Activity 4: Is based on the Activity in Topic 5 ->Internet 2 on IoT/Edge computing/Internet of Things.
– Poster as per the activity’s requirements
– Reference List as per activity’s requirement

All assignment activities are attached.

You must only had in one document containing all four parts. For activity 4: The poster can be add as a clear image and the reference list as part of the document.

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