International Economics

1.Academic discussions require minimum 2 academic sources from ProQuest, SSU library database.

2.Argue your view with effectively using sources in content.

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International Economics
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3.minimum 300 words & low similarity, lower than 15%

Q8-2 Read the given article and discuss about significance of labor standards. How do you propose local government to increase labor standards for employees and their compensation? Let’s assume that local government refers to as Japan, or Mexico, or Brazil, or Turkey compared to US.

“Kenichi Uchino had kept meticulous records of his work time, which totaled a stunning 155 hours of overtime in the 30 days before his death. Toyota claimed that he had only worked 45 hours of overtime – saying that the rest of the time was voluntary. Almost six years later, in November 2007, the court recognized 110.5 hours of overtime (putting aside the hours Uchino had worked offsite) and judged that, indeed, Uchino had died of overwork.”

Briggs, B. (2008, September 16). Toyota: Auto Industry Race to the Bottom, CorpWatch, retrieved from:

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