International health

This is the fourth part of the five part project outlined in the syllabus. Part 1 reported on the health indicators for the country that was selected. Part 2 described the demographic and development situation in the country. Part 3 was about health care provision. Part 4 examined the course of the COVID-19 pandemic and situation in your country. In Part 5 you will choose a health problem to focus on and discuss its impact and potential solutions. Choose this problem from among the leading causes of mortality and morbidity as reported in Part 1. It does not need to have the highest burden of disease. You should choose the problem that interests you the most. Begin by describing the problem in detail. This may include the biological process, the behaviors related to the problem, the global and within country geographical extent of the problem, etc. Describe how the problem has changed in your country (worse, better, re-emerging). Describe what is being done to combat the problem and report on the success or failure of these efforts. Finally, end with some prescriptions about how the problem should be addressed and the relative feasibility of eradicating or significantly lowering the societal burden created by the problem. Again, there is no example for this part because you have become a competent researcher. Also, the problems that you might choose are so diverse (malnutrition related, infectious disease, chronic disease, etc.) that I don’t want to channel your choices with an example. The assignment should be approximately two pages in length. The source of all information that is not general knowledge should be included in a references section and properly cited (It is good to use a citation manager like EndNote). For previous assignments, the research has primarily started with the country and official sources of information about health there. For this part of the project, the likely starting point is the problem that you have chosen to research. In some cases there may be articles and reports that address your particular issue in your country directly. In other cases, you will have to learn about the health issue and put that together with what you have learned about your country to infer the main causes and potential solutions. Do not cite Wikipedia or data aggregator websites. For example, most lists of life expectancy by country found with a simple web search are based on data from the CIA’s World Factbook. You should get the information from the CIA Factbook and properly reference the data. If you can’t find a credible data source for a piece of information then you should not include it in your report.

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International health
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