Introduction and Conclusion

this is what I wrote so far .I want to go to school to improve my skills for a better-paying job and prove that I can change my life direction to a better job less physical and let my kids know that it’s never too late to learn something new.

At this point in my life, working a minimal labor job is too stressful for me and takes a toll on my body.

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Introduction and Conclusion
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Me going to school gives me a chance to develop new skills as well as a new career.

Going back to school helps me prove to my kids if I can better myself this late in age that they can too.

Introduction and Conclusion

Remember, in this course, you will develop one essay. The subject of your essay for this course is “Changing Our Lives.” In your essay, you will present and then explain three reasons why you decided to go to college at this time in your life.

In the first two assignments, you chose your topic, created a thesis statement, and prepared an outline. Now you will create the introduction and the conclusion paragraphs for your essay.


Download and review the Sample Student Essay – Introduction and Conclusion [PDF].


You will create and submit your assignment by using Ecree. Just click on the link and start writing. Your work will be saved automatically. You’ll see some feedback on the right-hand side of the screen; try to read it and watch the help videos as you go but ignore feedback about your body paragraphs for now. When you’re ready, you can turn in your assignment by clicking Submit at the bottom of the page.

Write an introduction and conclusion in which you do the following:

Develop an introduction paragraph that attracts the reader’s attention and introduces the topic of returning to school.
Include the revised version of the thesis statement you wrote in the outline, making sure to use instructor feedback in your revision.
Develop a conclusion paragraph to the essay, making sure the conclusion signals an end to the essay and provides a closing thought.
Meet the assignment word count of 5–7 sentences for each paragraph.
Minimize mechanical, grammar, spelling, punctuation, and stylistic errors.

The specific course learning outcome associated with this assignment is:

Apply the writing process to develop introduction and conclusion paragraphs about a given topic.

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