Journal Accounting

You will write 5 journals based on the material that I will attach for you. Journal 1 will correspond to week 1(part 1 and 2), Journal 2 will correspond to week 2(part 1 and 2), week 3 will correspond to week 3, Journal 4 will correspond to week 4, Journal 5 will correspond to week 5:

After discussing this week’s material with your group, write a 500-750 word journal discussing the topic and how it applies to your. Apply the material to your desired role after graduating (work in a company that import and export products). Use Microsoft Word — Double-Spaced, Times New Roman, 12 pt font.

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Journal Accounting
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To get full points, you must meet all the criteria:

Reflection demonstrates a high degree of critical thinking in applying, analyzing, and evaluating key course concepts and theories from readings, lectures, media, discussions activities, and/or assignments. Insightful and relevant connections made through contextual explanations, inferences, and examples.

Conveys strong evidence of reflection on own work. Demonstrates significant personal growth and awareness of deeper meaning through inferences made, examples, well-developed insights, and substantial depth in perceptions and challenges. Synthesizes current experience into future implications.

Well written and clearly organized using standard English, characterized by elements of a strong writing style and basically free from grammar, punctuation, usage, and spelling errors.

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