Language, Literacy and Culture in Education

Final Report –Research and develop a lesson planwith an aim of your choice for the student described below:

Xiao Li was born in China and speaks Mandarin at home. When she arrived in New York she was fourteen years old.She was placed in tenth grade and enrolled as an English Language Learner in a large public high school in Queens, NY. Her most recent NYSESLAT score was “Emerging”. She is currently in the eleventh grade. When she was a student in China, Xiao Li always maintained good grades. She is very creative and enthusiastic abouttheart class she is taking at school. Although she is a hard-working student, Xiao Li is having difficulty inthe realm of academics.The following are concerns expressed by her teachers:

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Language, Literacy and Culture in Education
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  • In Global Studies, she recently got a low score on a regents practice test. Her global studies teacher believes that her speaking and listening skills in English are at a low-intermediate level. Xiao Li struggles with vocabulary and as evidenced in her written work, she is also having difficulty with essay writing. Xiao Li’s teacher wants her students to develop understanding of the content and details regarding key issues. Additionally, she feels that students should be able to express opinions related to historical reading and have the necessary skills to defend an argument. Xiao Li must increase her vocabulary in order to support the reading and writing assignments necessary to pass her Global Studies class.
  • In Health class, Xiao Li is learning lots of new words related to the health field. She struggles with the key concepts presented in some of the units because of the vocabulary that she needs to know. Recently, the health teacher read an article to his students as they read along. He knew that the students needed to attain a deeper understanding of critical wordsin order to complete a related assignment.
  • In English Language Arts, Xiao Li’s teacher selected a reading to develop her students understanding of conflict and the decisions charactershad to make. While reading, students had to pay close attention to the word choices made by the author to describe the charactersin the story.
  • In Mathematics class, Xiao Li’s teacher follows the standards regarding the role of language development in math. Students must be able to make sense of problems and have the precise vocabulary needed to describe and defend their work.
  • In Living Environment, the teacher wants students to use academic language to speak, read and write about topics learned. Students must use discipline-specific words in order todiscuss and write lab reports. They must be able to read through texts and labs for explanations, evidence and justifications.





  1. The report must have two Label each part “Part 1” and “Part 2”.

Part 1. (100 points)- ProposethreeELL strategiesto incorporate in a lesson plan in your content areato support the learning for Xiao Li. Use details and evidence from one text and one online source for each of the strategies you propose.

  1. As stated above, justify each strategy withon-line research. Identify a cite and explainwhy the citeis useful.
  2. Match each justification with reference toa chapter orarticle reading.

Part 2.(10 0points) With a topic of your choice, use the above information about Xiao Li to develop a lesson in your content area thatincludes the three ELL strategies that you proposed.

Use theESL Content Area Lesson Plan template/format.

  1. This report must be 3-4typed pages, Times New Roman, single spaced.
  2. Submit the assignment onGoogle Classroom by December 3, 2020, 11:59pm. Avoid waiting until the last minute. Early submissions are welcome and appreciated.
  3. The Applied Teaching Report must also be submitted on Chalk & Wire.

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