Literary analysis- a list of short stories to choose from

For your fourth and final essay, you will write a literary analysis that persuades the reader–it’s an argument! You will be given a list of short stories to choose from. After choosing and reading your assigned short story and analyzing it thoroughly, you should have identified a theme or other literary element within the story that you will write about. Your main idea should be your interpretation of that theme (or other literary element). Your body paragraphs will explicate that interpretation using examples from the text, including direct quotations that are documented using MLA style in-text citations and a Work Cited page. Be sure to review this week’s lecture materials thoroughly before beginning this assignment.

For this paper you are required to use ONE outside source that you have vetted and found credible. That means that you should be using two sources total for the paper–the short story itself as well as ONE outside source. Both should be cited in the text as well as on the Works Cited page.

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Literary analysis- a list of short stories to choose from
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Choose one of the following short stories or poems to analyze for essay #4:

“The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin
“Learning to Read and Write” by Frederick Douglass
“Woman Hollering Creek” by Sandra Cisneros
“Also Lonely, Although on Land” by Courtney Craggett on pgs. 64-74 in Tornado Season
“How to Write the Great American Indian Novel” by Sherman Alexie
“The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson
“To Build a Fire” by Jack London
Essay Requirements:
Must have a clear introduction, body, and conclusion (the amount of paragraphs is up to you)
Must present a claim statement at the end of the introduction
The claim statement must mention the author’s name, the name of the piece, the theme or literary element being analyzed, and the interpretation of that theme/literary element
Must have strong support pulled directly from the short story
Support must include textual evidence from the short story
Support should also be used from ONE credible outside source
Direct quotes and paraphrased information from sources must include an MLA style in-text citation
Must have an MLA style Works Cited page as the last page of the paper
Must show care to edit: minimal sentence errors, perfect MLA style presentation, objective tone, avoidance of second person (unless part of direct quotes), contractions (unless part of direct quotes), dead words (unless part of direct quotes), and other Sweet 16 and style errors
Must meet writing expectations from the syllabus
Must be submitted via eCampus through SafeAssign (NO EMAILS)
Must follow the Sweet 16 Rules of Writing (revising and editing tool box)
Must be in MLA style without error (refer to the video in week 1 or the Sweet 16 #1-5)
Must be 800-1000 words minimum
Research and Citation Requirements
The Worsk Cited page should include a citation for the short story and ONE credible outside source
Any direct or indirect quotations within the paper must be accompanied by an MLA style in-text citation
An MLA style Work Cited page as the last page of the essay
Essay Evaluation Procedures:

You will be graded on the following categories for your essay:

MLA style
Claim statement and interpretation
Evidence/textual evidence
Use of credible research
Unity, coherence, support
MLA style in-text citations
MLA style Work Cited page
Mechanics (spelling, punctuation, grammar)
Style (avoidance of first person, second person, contractions, slang, dead words, etc.)
Writing expectations from the syllabus

Please review the attached rubric for specific grading criteria.

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