Love Medicine

Week Thirteen

  • Read: Louise Erdrich’s Love Medicine up to “The Red Convertible” – You may skip “The Plunge of the Brave,” “Flesh and Blood,” “Scales,” “Crown of Thorns,” “Resurrection,” “The Good Tears,” “Tomahawk Factory,” and “Lyman’s Luck.”
  • Post: Erdrich Response Paper (40 points)


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Love Medicine
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This is, I hope, a fairly straightforward question. Whether it is a simple one or easy to answer is a different matter. How does Love Medicine portray the position (status, opportunities, situation) of Native American (not white or all) women in their own culture and white culture? Use examples from at least three of the stories you read to support your answer.

Then, for full credit, highlight your thesis statement sentence from your paper. This should be a one-sentence thesis only (as described in the “Writing About Literature” documents you read).



For the Wrap Up please copy these questions into your document and put your answer directly beneath the question. This is very important to do.

  1. How familiar were you with modern Native American life prior to reading this book?
  2. In what ways did the situations presented in Love Medicine change or reinforce your understanding of Native American culture and life in America?
  3. Why do you think Erdrich chooses to tell this story using multiple voices rather than either a single narrator (Lyman or June for example) or an omniscient narrator?


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