Madam and the Phone Bill

Answer This Questions after reading the Poem: Madam and the Phone bill by Langston Hughes.

Who seems to be the speaker in this poem? How do you know? (3 points)
What seems to be the setting of this poem? (2 points)
Only by looking at the language and content of the poem (don’t do an internet search, but you may ask your parents or grandparents), identify when (time period or years) the event in the poem seems to be taking place? How do you know? (3 points)
Does the author use imagery in this poem? Explain your answer. (2 points)
Does the author use figurative speech (similes or metaphors?) Explain your answer. (2 points)
What type of closed form is this? Explain your answer. (3 points)
Choose one stanza from the poem and write it below, then identify the meter and rhyme (3 points).

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Madam and the Phone Bill
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