Math Essay

The topic for your project is Math and Your Major (My major is psychology and Criminal Justice) Discuss the connections between math and your major being sure to discuss the mathematics used. Your paper will be checked for plagerism.

Prepare and organize your material into a concise, interesting report. Include drawings in color, pictures, applications, examples that will get the reader’s attention and add meaning to your report. Build models, mockups, or devices that add interest and understanding of the topics.

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Math Essay
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Build a paper that will tell the story of your topic.
Use models, applications, charts that lend variety. If possible, prepare materials that readers can relate. Give your paper a catchy, descriptive title. Label everything with brief captions or legends so that readers will understand the principles involved.
Make the display simple, but at the same time attractive and dramatic. Use color for emphasis. Show craftsmanship, creativeness, and diligence in preparing the project. This is a term project and cannot be done in one or two evenings.

There should be a title page and a references page not counted in the page count

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