Math word problem

This exercise refers to your values of X, Y, and Z. Please enter these values here: X = 27 Y = 84 Z = 98

Let U be the maximum of these three values: U= ______________
Let V be the middle value of these three values: V= ______________ Let W be the least of the these three values: W = _____________

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Math word problem
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Commenticius University is building a new technology building and wants to know how many computer classrooms it needs to plan for in the construction. The university offers classes on three different class schedules: Monday-Wednesday-Friday (MWF), TuesThursday (TR) or Saturday. On the MWF schedule there are 9 class periods during the day and 2 evening periods. On the TR schedule, there are 6 day class periods and 2 evening periods. On Saturday, there are only 2 day periods. The Computer Technology Department only has 5 faculty who teach in the evenings and 18 that can teach on Saturdays (which should be enough). Otherwise assume there are enough faculty available to teach at other times.

If the Computer Technology Department wishes to offer U computer classes on the MWF schedule, V classes on the TR schedule and W classes on the Saturday schedule, what is the minimum number or computer classrooms needed to accommodate all of the computer classes in the new building?

NOTE: There are V classes on each Monday, Wednesday and Friday (not split up across three days). Similarly for the TR schedule.

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