Meeting Standards: Plagiarism Penalties in the Real World 

Meeting Standards: Plagiarism Penalties in the Real World

You were likely instructed about plagiarism during your undergraduate program; it is the misuse of someone else’s work, whether it is words, statistics, images, or any other intellectual property. Do some research online and find a web page (not a journal or library item) that explains an instance where someone plagiarized and there were ramifications. Try to find a story that relates to the workplace or other non-school venue if possible.

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Meeting Standards: Plagiarism Penalties in the Real World 
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Your initial post must include the following:

  • Summarize the incident and consequences in your own words. Citation is not required.
  • To make sure you meet the 100-word minimum requirement for the initial post, you may add a second paragraph in which you explain related issues such as reputation, employer problems, etc.
  • Provide the full URL of the source/webpage you found (use only one source).

Discussion parameters:

  • Write your initial post in your own words; do not quote or copy from sources.
  • Do not copy the questions into your post.
  • Write an original descriptive subject line for your initial post.

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