Memo and Letter Structure

You are the Customer Service Manager at Best Buy and you are responding to a customer complaint • You need to write a 2-3 page memo (~750 words) to your Customer Service Representatives. • You also need to write a 1-2 page formal apology letter to the customer (~500 words) • Each document is worth 100 points

2-3 Page Memo • A customer (Mr. Knightley) had a bad experience with one of your customer representatives, Geoff Your memo should: 1) summarize the customer’s complaint and explain why Geoff’s actions were unprofessional 2)characterize the customer’s priorities, emotions, attitudes, and requests 3) offer at least three specific tips for responding to similar complaints in the future

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Memo and Letter Structure
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1-2 Page Letter Structure Your letter is addressed to Mr. Knightley and should: 1) sincerely and professionally apologize for your employee’s conduct 2) explain how your management team has addressed the specific problem and how employee training will prevent future problems 3) do your best to regain Mr. Knightley’s goodwill and convince him to return to Best Buy in the future

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