Midterm Essays

250 Words for Each Question (Each Question has to have directly quote)
The Answer has to be Accuracy, completeness of response, integration of readings, providing specific examples, considering alternative explanations, strong writing, and thorough argumentation. Formal, robust citations following (Author-Date) format is required. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.
Please use the directly quote, Do not have to introduce the Author/ Title. (Paraphrase- Rewrite the concept in your own words) Be selective and concise with the chosen quote.
Do not sited outside sources
Brief Introduction on the first page of each article. Make sure The answer need to combined with the corresponding article in the Upload Files.

1. Is the international system inherently conflictual? How can non-state actors use their power to constrain states?

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Midterm Essays
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2. What is sovereignty in the international system? How does the emergence of non-state actors like NGOs, cities, business markets, and regional organizations challenge traditional ideas about sovereignty?

3. What is the difference between International Organizations and Non-Governmental International Organizations? Give specific examples.

4. What are the challenges of global governance in the 21st Century? Do international organizations have what it takes to confront these challenges?

5. What non-state actors are most interesting to you personally? Identify one or two types of groups that are interesting to you and form a robust argument for how they influence international politics.

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