Mini literature review paper on their PICO topic

Paper Overview: The healthcare field is not as standardized as one would think. EBP is critical to providing services that are safe and effective, but is everything we do supported by evidence? It is important to understand application and implementation of EBP in healthcare. This project is designed to apply your knowledge of EBP to an area of healthcare you’d like to know more about. E.g., What are the most effective dietary interventions for treating pre-diabetes in older adults?Paper Instructions:Students will submit a 3-5 page, double-spaced “mini literature review paper on their PICO topic, which critically appraises and synthesizes the results of at least three original, peer reviewed research articles published within the past 10 years. Other sources of information should also be cited throughout the paper as needed (e.g. background section). Additional sources may include other original research articles or secondary sources of information, such as credible web-sites and review or meta-analysis articles. In order to strengthen the final paper you submit, peer and instructor feedback will be provided during the process.

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Mini literature review paper on their PICO topic
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