Module Review: Questions


Purpose of Module Review Questions
Module Review Questions allow you to demonstrate your understanding of the module topics and to develop your critical thinking skills.

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Module Review: Questions
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Required Research
In order to answer the questions, you will first engage in a process of scholarly research for the purpose of obtaining data that can be utilized to support your answers. Conduct in-depth research in the course textbook AND outside primary sources.

It is strongly recommended that you conduct research utilizing the ERAU Hunt Library. The Hunt Library contains a great amount of information on aviation and other topics. A benefit of utilizing the Hunt Library is the availability of the APA style citation/reference tool that is provided when conducting research utilizing the EAGLEsearch feature. This tool can automatically provide the proper APA style formats for citations and references.


  • Scholarly paper
  • Microsoft Word® (DOCX)
  • Current APA style
    • 12 pt Times New Roman font
    • Double-spaced lines
    • Title Page
    • Page Headers on all pages
    • In-text Citations
    • Reference List page


  • Paste each assignment question in BOLD font before each answer in the Body of the Text.
  • Provide detailed data to answer ALL the questions fully.
  • Conduct research using BOTH the course readings AND outside primary sources.
  • Include terminology obtained from the research materials.


Hunt Library’s (Links to an external site.) EAGLEsearch tool can automatically provide proper APA style format for citations and references.

APA Formatting
Course-Specific APA Style Instructions and Guidance

This Module Review assignment requires you to answer complex questions that are related to the topics presented in the module readings and have been designed to develop your critical thinking skills.

Use the course textbook AND outside primary sources to obtain data that support your answers. Follow the guidelines in the Module Review Questions Requirements section, including using current APA style and pasting the questions in bold before each answer.


  1. Companies create business records of many types and store the electronic files using an electronic records management (ERM) system. Explain why an ERM is a senior management issue and not simply an IT issue?
  2. Describe each of the four V’s of data analytics: variety, volume, velocity, and veracity.
  3. Identify the primary functions of a database and a data warehouse. Explain why enterprises need both of these data management technologies.

Your document submission is due by the posted due date. Your instructor will use the rubric for evaluating and grading your submission.

Save your assignment using a naming convention that includes your first and last name and the activity number (or description). Do not add punctuation or special characters.

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