Mourning Traditions Assignment

Mourning Traditions Assignment

There are cultural differences in regard to how mourning traditions are practiced. Briefly describe your own cultural practices related to mourning, as well as an example of a mourning tradition, practice or ritual that is different from practices of your own culture. Be concise, but informative. Your assignment may not be more than one page. You must submit this information via the iCollege Dropbox feature in a Word document. Answers may NOT be typed into the blank box on the screen.

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Mourning Traditions Assignment
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All papers must follow APA 7th edition style and formatting. Points are deducted for misspellings and errors in grammar, as well as for not following directions. All responses need to be written in complete sentences and paragraph formatting.

Include the following information:

  1. Briefly describe your own cultural practices related to mourning. If you have no cultural practices, describe your beliefs how mourning can impact the death experience.
  2. Identify the cultural group that you have selected for comparison purposes. Answer the remaining questions based on this cultural group.
  3. Discuss some of the values/beliefs of the selected group that support the group’smourning practices/activities (for example, a belief that there is an after-life).
  4. Describe how long the mourning period lasts.
  5. Describe some of the activities that are a part of the mourning tradition (for example, attire worn by the mourners, cleansing of the body procedures, restriction of embalming, use of cremation, funerals, etc.).
  6. Provide the source of your information at the bottom of the page.


The following grading rubric will be used:


Grading Criteria Possible Points

• Writing is grammatically correct and without misspelled words.

• Page limits are followed (no more than 1 page excluding title and reference pages).

• Paper typed

• Ideas flow logically; statements are clear and accurate.

• APA format is used correctly

Page 2 Mourning Traditions

• Student’s culture practices are described

• The cultural groupfor comparison isidentified

• Discussed some of the beliefs of the selected group

• Describe how long their mourning period lasts.

• Describe some of the activities which are part of the mourning tradition







Page 3

Cite all references used (at least 1)

Use APA style guidelines

Grade 100 possible


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