Music appreciation

For LJ #3, we will listen to the 1st movement of a SYMPHONY from the romantic period, the Symphony no. 3 in F major by Johannes Brahms (1833-1897).

The purpose of the JOURNAL is for you to present YOUR personal reactions and thoughts about what YOU HEAR in the music. No outside sources should be used, just LISTEN and RESPOND in your own words.

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Music appreciation
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This assignment will require between 1 hour and 1.5 hours to complete. The instructions are simple:

Step 1: Using the LINK posted below, LISTEN to the FIRST MOVEMENT of the Symphony no. 3 by Brahms. (Only 1 movement, but it is about 13 minutes).

Step 2: After you listen to the music, “free-write” all the thoughts, emotions, questions, distracted thoughts, anything that comes to your mind after LISTENING to the music. DO NOT STOP WRITING until you fill TWO full pages in the document. The point is just to write without allowing the “judgmental” part of your brain to censor your thoughts. Vomit whatever comes out of your mind onto the paper, but make yourself write at least TWO FULL PAGES until you stop. (Alternately, you might try doing this with pen and paper).

Step 3: Take a 3-5 minute break.

Step 4: LISTEN to the piece again and pay attention to the following elements:

a. EMOTIONS: What’s the emotional journey of this piece? As you know, romantic period music changes emotion and mood frequently. How does the piece begin emotionally and where does it go from there? How do these different emotional changes work together in the piece?

b. MUSICAL DETAILS: Try to identify at least three specific musical details that help illustrate the different emotional characters you hear (listen for rhythm, melodic shape, tone color, loud or soft dynamics). Feel free to write down the TIMING of important moments in the piece to cite these details.

c. CONTRAST WITH CLASSICAL PERIOD STYLE: Though this piece shares some characteristics with the Mozart symphony we heard in our study of “classical period style,” what do you notice that is different about the way that Brahms presents his music in symphonic form?

Step 5: Add your responses and observations after the second listening to your notes.

Step 6: Take a few minutes to read over your response and do a light revision (fix obvious spelling errors and/or clarify any details and/or cut out sentences that you don’t want someone else to read).

LISTENING LINK: Johannes Brahms – SYMPHONY NO. 3, 1st movement (Watch until 13:07): (Links to an external site.)


*Present your responses and reactions to the ROMANTIC PERIOD approach to opera. Compare and contrast Verdi and Wagner and be sure to mention your thoughts about the music.

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