National or International Public Leader

I choose Michelle Obama.

Utilizing a public official / leader who is known on the National or International stage, choose a public leader, and complete an exploration on at least five elements that make this person a leader. You do not have to agree that this person is a leader. Your responsibility here is to ensure that you have clear and identifiable explanations as to why the person you chose fits the positon. To better understand their leadership styles, traits, and viewpoint, you will be required to utilize the textbook for clearer insight on their qualities as a public leader. You will need to uncover this person’s life, to appreciate how this person was able to gain his/ her position as a National or International Leader. It may be a good idea to find previously conducted interviews on the chosen person. You have the freedom to choose any “famous” person in a public organizational role, to complete this assignment, and take it from a much broader perspective.

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National or International Public Leader
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This assignment should be 8 pages in length, and include citations and references.

The assignment will be graded on the following perspective:

  1. Introduction and Research question(s) – 30%
    1. Ability to grab reader’s attention
    2. Ability to stay within requirements
  2. Analysis – 50%
    1. Construction of the five main points/ elements that make this person a leader
    2. Consideration of counterarguments (differing viewpoints)
    3. Quality of writing
      • i.Organization and scholarliness
  3. Conclusions – 20%
    1. Logical flow
    2. Supporting references

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