NIST Survey

Imagine (or draw from current experience) that you are working in an organization that has just been tasked to improving information security. You are at the early stages and need to assess where your organization is today.
Complete and submit the assessment survey that is attached above.
Evaluate the survey in two areas:
As a survey participant – what was your first impression? too long? easy? difficult? anything missing? did you learn something? what are barriers to participation, if any?
As a researcher (knowing what you know so far in this class)
Will the length of the survey and complexity of the questions meet engage or put off participation?
Does the order of the questions make sense? (think of NIST)
Please provide suggestions or comments to a specific survey question(s) – ensure to include the question number.
Please provide any additional comments or suggestions regarding the survey or the process.
Write a 7-page report on your findings from both perspectives.
Guidelines for Report
7 pages of content – NOT including cover page, table of contents, or bibliography
APA format required
12 point Times New Roman Font
Double spaced
Cite ALL work that is not yours
NO spelling or grammar errors ( is a great resource.

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NIST Survey
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