Nursing community Assessment, Consultation & Health promotion

My community of interest I want the paper to be about is Syrian refugee women in Canada. I have attached some links to give an idea of what I want to talk about. don’t necessarily have to use these sources (other than the governemt of canada document) but can use if relevant.


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Nursing community Assessment, Consultation & Health promotion
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I have also attached a file of a students paper from last year that has received an 85% (A) as a guideline titled “FINAL COMMUNITY REPORT”

I have also attached the assignment instruction file, and the community of interest template file which needs to be filled and added to assignment. The format in which the paper should be written is shown in the example paper I have attactched titled “FINAL COMMUNITY REPORT”


I have also attached some powerpoints from my course to get an idea of requirements, how to conduct community assessment and key concepts that need to be included.

Thank you (use this document)

Socila determinants of health

1.income and social status support networks
4.employment and working conditions environments
6.physical environments
7.personal health practices child development
9.biology and genetic endowment services


The social determinants of health you can use are employment and health services and a third if something else comes up from your research ( maybe social support networks or or social networks personal health practices) For the employment the community consultation/interview part could be with a social worker and the health part maybe a manager at a community health centre that services syrian refugees in Toronto; this centre services refugees. the setting of this research is in Toronto Ontario in Canada please

for the social worker interview use this centre that offers settlement support and employment services.


you’ll be coming up with interview questions and “answers” to compliment the info based on the reasearch info you find


THE OBJECTIVE: to provide an opportunity for students to assess a community with respect to its health, wellness and quality of life and create a plan to address the priority needs arising from that assessment.

DESCRIPTION of the assignment:

1. In your clinical groups, select either a Geographical locale OR a Community of Interest. This may be a geographic community such as Regent Park, or an identified group who share a common health, social injustice or quality of life issue (e.g. Senior Refugees in Etobicoke, LBGTQ+ youth at York University). Students may choose their identified community as a group (not more than 4 per group) or choose to do this solo. Discuss with your CD or CCD.

2. Community assessments have both a data collection element and a community consultation component.

I. For the data collection component, you will use online census demographics as well as published statistics and information from websites, reports, or newspaper articles related to this community. You will be looking for both statistical data and “stories” from the community. You will address relevant elements from the community assessment process found in Chapter 13 in the textbook. You may use the template provided on Moodle or another relevant template guide of your choosing to help you gather and organize this data (there are several available online). Please consult with me about any modified version of the community assessment you wish to use.

II. For the community consultation you will arrange virtual interviews with relevant community members, stakeholders and key informants. Your CCD will support you in creating 3-5 open ended questions that are relevant to the virtual conversations you will have with members of your chosen community. Depending on your community you should ensure between 5-10 conversations. Provide a summary transcript of your conversations and questions in the appendix of this paper. (Be sure to log any hours engaged in the community consultation as they apply to your required clinical hours)

3. Based on your community assessment/consultation data you have gathered about your chosen community (step 2 above), identify 2-3 broader social determinants of health that emerge as a priority or threat for this community, describing why you identified these SDOHs.

4. Based on your findings from step #2 above, identify one or two priority needs identified by the community. For each need, identify how it emerges from the community consultation and assessment process and describe the importance of addressing each need.

5. Create a plan for a health promotion initiative to help meet one of the community’s priority needs. Examples of initiatives include:

a. Providing health promotion information or enhancing personal skills

b. Altering incentives and disincentives that impact on health or quality of life

c. Modifying access, barriers, and opportunities

d. Enhancing services and support

e. Modifying polices and practices

6. Make use of a program implementation framework (see content from week 4) to create a Vision, Objectives, Strategies and Actions for your intervention

7. Write up the project using 7th edition APA guidelines. Page limit: 20 pages not including title page, appendices and references.

8. Use a minimum of 10 sources, 5 of which must be scholarly. At least 4 sources must be from readings outside the required readings for the course. Please note that statistical reports and websites are not considered scholarly resources.

9. If doing the assessment as a group, a project scheduling table should be included in an Appendix that outlines the contributions of each student (i.e. one for each individual group member) involved in the consultation, planning and evaluation process.

10. Submission: Please ensure that your file is the final version when you are submitting. Resubmissions will not be allowed. Please also note that there may be a several minute delay in the submission process into Moodle/Turnitin, thus, it is strongly encouraged that you give yourself ample time to complete the online submission process.

Guidelines and Criteria for Evaluation: The rubric for this assignment will be made available on Moodle. Grading Scheme as per assignment writing support refer to:

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