Observation Assignment

Observation Assignment (Paper & Time Sheet of Observation Hours)

(Due 12/1/20) – Modified (See Page 13 of this Syllabus)

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Observation Assignment
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Observation Assignment in an Early Childhood Classroom (ages 3-8 years, PreK – 2nd Grades)

(This assignment fulfills Standard 1: Promoting Child Development and Learning and Standard 3: Observing, Documenting, and Assessing to Support Young Children and Families)

For Students Completing 20 Hours of Observation in a Classroom

Students who have completed the full 20 hours of observation at a school are to submit the Observation Assignment as noted in the EDU 101 Syllabus. The essay (along with a snapshot of the timesheet) are to be uploaded in Blackboard. The original timesheet (white copy only) is to be mailed to my attention to the college: Hostos Community College, 500 Grand Concourse, Education Department (A-107), Bronx, New York 10454.

• Observe learners for 20 documented hours as you maintain a journal of your observations.

• Write a report of what you observed under the following categories:

a. Physical environment

b. Curriculum; activities observed

c. Adult-child interactions

d. Parent or community involvement in the classroom.

• Include pictures, student work, or flyers from the school to make it authentic

• Include the documented hours on a time sheet that you create (must be signed) which indicates the dates, times, specific class and teacher that you observed.

REMEMBER: This is a 20-hour observation. Therefore, you should have a great deal of information to select for your paper.

a. Physical environment—Describe what the room looks like. What projects are displayed? Are there windows? Are they covered with charts or projects? Is it organized? Are materials accessible to the learners and teachers? Is there a defined space for the teacher?

b. Curriculum; activities observed—What are some things that learners are learning? (not only for one day) What subjects do the learners have in the room? What subjects do the learners have outside of the room?

c. Adult-child interactions—How do the children respond to the teacher? How does the teacher respond to all of the different learners in the classroom? Do any children stand out to you? What behaviors do you notice? Does the teacher notice certain learners more than others?

d. Parent or community involvement in the classroom—Did any parents visit the classroom during your observation period? Is there another teacher in the room? How do the children respond to you?

A Final Note: Be sure to search for a school as soon as possible. You will be given a letter to present to the school to verify the assignment. You should also take your syllabus as evidence. You will be required to give me the location of the observation site by a certain date. The same location given must correspond to the one in your final observation paper. Always take a picture identification when visiting the school.

Modified Observation Assignment

For Students Unable to Observe in a School due to COV-19 Restrictions, the 20 Hours are via Video Assignment

The Observation Assignment is modified for those who were unable to complete the 20 hours of observation in classrooms. Instead, for each hour of observation, please do the following:

Select 20 videos that are 30-60 minutes. The videos can be obtained via library resources, educational multi-media sites, YouTube, etc. Five videos are to be selected in each of the areas that follow:
Physical Environment
Adult-child Interactions
Parent or Community Involvement in the Classroom

An Example Using Videos Less than 30 minutes:


“The High Quality Early Learning Project conducts and communicates research about teaching that supports effective learning for young children and their families.”

Using this site, you would need to choose three videos per hour needed to satisfy the observation requirement to view. Select videos from the Pre-K, Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, or 4th Grade categories. Note: Select the videos from the same category for each hour needed to satisfy the observation assignment.

Write a report for each video using the prompts that follow:
Write the name of the video and author (if indicated).
Write one to three sentences summarizing the video.
Who do you think is the intended audience?
How do you think the creator wanted the audience to respond? List evidence from the video and your knowledge about who made it that led you to your conclusion.
Compile these reports in one document (the Observation Assignment document).

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