Paris is burning

Your final submission must use a consistent citation style, including final bibliography.

You are being assessed on how well you relate texts/media and experiences to course material in a clear and concrete manner – demonstrating your understanding of key concepts and your ability to apply them appropriately.

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Paris is burning
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Remember that we are discussing The City After Dark – make sure that you focus on ‘the night’ either through explicit references to nighttime, comparisons to differences with similar circumstances during the day, etc.

Be sure to connect your ideas to class material, using proper citations and include a bibliography at the end of your exam.
• Is it clear which ideas are yours, and which are taken from class discussions/materials? Are your ideas supported by proper citations or examples?
• In sentence definitions, correct identification of the source of a concept and clear references to texts are useful ways to explore course concepts.
• You will be evaluated on your correct understanding of course concepts (in particular beyond citations presented in class lectures) and your ability to organize and develop ideas clearly.

Over the semester, we have explored a number of concepts related to our social production of what “Nighttime” means in terms of culture, capitalism, regulation and social order.

Along the way, we have developed an understanding of the following concepts:
Nocturnalisation, Nyctophobia, Frontier, The Flaneur, The Second City, Subcultures, Scenes, Community, Resistance, Freedom, Loneliness, and differing experiences based on race, class, sexuality or gender.

For this essay, you will select one of the following texts (film OR short story) and write a short essay. Your paper should provide at least two clearly presented examples to support each of your points. Quote at least two, and preferably three, course texts to explore concepts relating to your thesis.

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