Personal narrative

It will be your turn to write a Personal Narrative and to analyze it through our course lens of “What is Literature?” To do this, you will first write your own Personal Narrative. It can take any form you would like: you may write a story, a poem, an essay, etc. It should be a true story, but I will not be fact-checking what you write. Do not feel obligated to share anything that makes you uncomfortable. Then, you will write an essay analyzing your piece as a work of literature. Establish an overall reason that it is literary (teaches a lesson, creatively crafted, universal subject, etc.) and find three literary elements in the piece to analyze to prove that claim. Your essay should be five paragraphs:

An introduction that establish why your piece is literary overall (this statement should be your thesis)
Three body paragraphs: each should analyze a unique literary element present in your work, showing how it serves the piece’s overall lit value
A conclusion that revisits your key points
For more guidance on how to complete this assignment, check out these YouTube videos:

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Personal narrative
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Part One:

Part Two:

(The sample Personal Narrative to which it refers is posted on Blackboard, under Course Materials.)PART II: In a 300-600 word response paper, reflect on the degree to which your piece is literary. Ideas should be organized into a five-paragraph essay (Introduction, 3 Body Paragraphs, and Conclusion). To do this:
• Articulate a working definition of what it means to be literary in your Introduction.
• Show how that definition fits your piece. So, your argument can be a version of “My work is literary BECAUSE…” followed by your definition of literary value.
• A discussion of at least three literary elements from the “What Is Literature” PowerPoint. Show where that literary element is present in your piece, while also defining the element and explaining how/why that element is important to the work’s overall literary value. The analysis of each literary element should be in its own body paragraph (that is, one body paragraph on theme, a separate body paragraph on symbolism, etc.)

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