Physical properties


In Units One and Two, you demonstrated the ability to analyze art for physical properties, form, and subject. Now it is time to address the fourth part of the 4-part analysis method: context. Remember that context means the circumstances the work is made in, including religion, politics, economics, and social relationships.

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Physical properties
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Your third Challenge for this course is to explain works art and architecture in their individual contexts. To do so, you will select a group of images based on their purpose and the function they played within the specific context.

As you explain each work, you will answer the following questions:

what are the physical properties and what aspect of the context determined these?

what is the form and what aspect of the context determined it?

what is the subject (for visual arts) and what aspect of the context determined it?

what is the function and what aspect of the context determined?


You will select 6 categories from the list below. For each category, you must select one object (visual art) or monument (architecture) from Chapter 23, identify it, and include an image. You cannot use the same work twice.

Then, for each object/monument, you will answer the four questions using information from relevant portions of Chapter 23. The answers must include appropriate terms and concepts from this unit and all past units.

The categories are as follows (select 6):

political propaganda expressed in visual art

Counter Reformation principles about visual art

Church authority expressed in architecture

royal power expressed in architecture

the royal family and court culture expressed in visual art

the image of everyday life

the status of the artist



1. Select 6 categories.

2. Look at the works of art and architecture in your textbook. Select 6 different artworks.

3. Complete the sections on this sheet, providing the required information and answering the questions. Be sure to provide evidence for your statements by pointing to specific locations in the image where your statement is visible.

Requirements: 1000-2000 words

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