Police brutality

For the first draft of your research paper, consider the following:

Is your topic and thesis statement (an arguable claim or opinion) presented in the first 1-2 pages?
Do you include historical context/background information that allows your reader to understand your topic & argument?
Are you including 3-4 sub-topics or arguments to back up your claim or strengthen your argument?
What are the controversies or opposing points of view about your topic and your claim? Do you address or include any?
Are you including quotes, paraphrases, summaries, or references to your sources? Are you citing them in-text and in a works cited page?
Remember that your works cited page does not count toward your page count! You should have 6-10 pages of text. Push for a complete a draft!
You should have at least five (5) sources, and at least two (2) of your sources must be scholarly/peer reviewed sources. The other three (or more!) may be popular/non-scholarly sources.

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Police brutality
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