Pre Lab questions

PreLab Questions:

1.What are the units for mass that are commonly used in the chemistry lab?

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Pre Lab questions
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2.The typical adult dose of Tylenol (acetaminophen) is 650 mg. Convert this to grams. Clearly show all work (dimensional analysis).

3.Convert 2.5 teaspoons of water to grams of water. Clearly show all work (dimensional analysis).

4.Convert 3 cups of waterto grams of water. Clearly show all work (dimensional analysis).

Post-Lab Questions:

1.The density of mercury, a liquid at room temperature, is 13.6 g/mL.What is the mass of a quarter cup of mercury? Show your calculations.

2.Even if you could obtain some mercury, why wouldn’t you want to use it for this lab?

3.Propose another liquid that you could use for this experiment(instead of water). Look up the density of this liquid(in g/mL), and report it here. What are the pros and cons of using this liquid instead of water?

Part 2: Aluminium Foil Density @Home

Data and CalculationsPart 1: Floating or Sinking FoilCrumbledaluminum ball ___________________________(Floated? Sank?)Tightly compacted folded aluminum__________________(Floated? Sank?)

Explain what occurred and why:

Part 2: Determining the Density and Thickness of Aluminum Foil

Smallest increment on your ruler: _____________ (for example, 0.1 cm)

Width of foil _____________ cm

Length of foil _____________ cm

Area of foil _____________ cm2

Diameter of Aluminum ball_____________ cm

Radius of Aluminum ball_____________ cm

Volume of Aluminum ball_____________ cm3

Mass of foil _____________ gUsed electronic or homemade hanger balance? ___________

Density of Aluminum Foil_____________ g/ cm3

Thickness of Al foil =_____________ cm

Convert to thickness in inches_______________ inch

% error in calculated Aluminum density_______________ %

Show all calculations below:

Post-Lab QuestionsExpress numerical answers to the correct number of significant figures.Show all work.

1.What is the volume of a block that has the dimensions: l= 8.2 cm, w= 3.25 cm, h=0.50 cm?

2.If the density of a substance is 0.735 g/cm3and the volume of a sample of this substance is 14.25 cm3, what is the mass of this sample?

3.A piece of paper is known to have an area of 31.2 cm2and a volume of 6.2 x 10-3cm3. What is the thickness of this paper?

4.Could this method be used to determine the thickness of an oil spill? What information would be needed?

5.A very thin layer of gold plating was placed on a metal tray that measured 23.22 cm by 12.22 cm. The gold plating increased the mass of the plateby 0.0512 g. Calculate the thickness of the plating. The density of gold is 19.32 g/cm3.

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