Process Directional Essay


Thesis: To create a Directional Process Essay you must identify content and ensure clear explanations.

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Process Directional Essay
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Phase One: Gathering Necessary Content

Step One: Identify all ingredients, items, and/or materials needed for the process.
Step Two: Brainstorm all the steps to your process. It is not necessary to have them in order, just get all the steps on paper.
Step Three: Are there any phrases or terms that must be defined or explained?
Step Four: How many phases could/would you break the process into and what would you name them?

Phase Two: Ensure Clear Explanations

Step One: What are the most significant steps that may need more explanation?
Step Two: Are there any difficult or troublesome steps where it is important to identify what not to do?
Step Three: Would some steps be made clearer by visuals?

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