Project management tools

Here, you will begin to practice the use of the MS Project tool to create a project schedule. Your task in this assignment is to think about any project scenario that you may have worked on in your personal or professional life. This could include building a deck, refinishing your wood floors, remodeling your bathroom or kitchen, painting your house, building a Web site, planning a wedding, building a house or a cabinet, and so on. For this Individual Project, complete the following:

  • Decide on a project example, as suggested above.
  • Open a blank MS Project file.
  • Create a project WBS. Your project WBS should include the following:
    • A list of all major deliverables.
      • An example of a project deliverable for remodeling a basement room, for example, would be project charter, budget, data gathering, and so on. See Example 1 below.
  • Once you have identified the project’s major deliverables, identify and insert, below each deliverable, all major project tasks down to the work-package level.
    • The WBS level is achieved when the work can be accurately estimated (both cost and duration) and can be managed by one individual.

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Project management tools
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