Read the case and analysis rhetorical devices 750 words

Hayes and Lukacs both use rhetorical devices to their advantage. Compare Hayes’ essay The New Abolitionism with Martin Lukacs’ essay, and explain which one you think uses rhetorical devices more effectively and why.

Marking Criteria

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Read the case and analysis rhetorical devices 750 words
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• Clearly indicates which two articles are being compared.

• Is thoughtful and goes beyond what was said in class about each reading.

• Shows an understanding of the readings.

• Demonstrates an understanding of how the articles were structured, what the goals of the authors were, and what types of rhetorical tools the authors used.


• Uses strong thesis statements and topic sentences.

• Uses appropriate evidence to strengthen and support topic sentences.

• Is well organized.


• Uses clear, well constructed sentences.

• Uses words appropriately to create the desired tone.


• Uses grammar, punctuation and spelling correctly.

• Is properly formatted according to given instructions.

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