Reflection Essay

Instructions: Using your essays, feedback, prior experiences in other courses, and current experiences in this course, construct a 3-page reflection essay over your writing. Make sure you include specific examples from the course in your reflection. These experiences could be over an essay that you struggled with, over the feedback you received, etc. Your reflection should be written in MLA format. How you want to write your reflection is up to you as far as the pattern. Use the following questions to help guide your response. You do not have to use these questions, they are simply there as a guide.
A. what defines you as a writer?
B. what are your writing strengths when it comes to argument?
C. what are your writing weaknesses when it comes to argument?
D. what have you learned in this course?
E. what experiences in this course have helped shape your writing?
F. what did you struggle with within this course?
G. what can you improve on?
H. What did you do well on?
I. How will you use what you have learned in this course?

Please ask any questions needed for clarification for this reflection essay!

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Reflection Essay
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I have written four essays and I will list the assignment topic, the essay relating to it, and any feedback from the teacher:
(look at the attached file for the entire instructions)

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