Reflection paper

First, identify important features/characteristics of your present personality that are rooted in your formative experiences. Do you find that one of Horney’s three trends (movement toward, away from, or against others) plays a more dominant role in your disposition? How does that reflect conditions of worth (Rogers)? Describe your prevailing trend and discuss both its assets and its liabilities in your development. How does it reflect deficiency motivation (Maslow) in your life at the physiological, safety/security, love/belonging, and esteem levels? In what ways has it impeded your spontaneity and/or spurred a feeling of being tense, cramped, hemmed in, or stuck? How might you be a different person if you were to give up the “should”s in your life?


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Reflection paper
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Second, identify one or two important decisions or choices you have made in recent years that were primarily in the interests of growth. Which three characteristics of Maslow’s self-actualizing are most well-developed in your personality? Which three characteristics are most under-developed? What present opportunities do you have to explore and deepen your sense of social interest (Adler)?


Finally, reflect on the significance and power of each set of Maslow’s motivational forces (safety vs. growth) in your life. Are you aware of the tension and struggle between them when you make important decisions (Horney, Rogers)? In which direction do you tend to move when faced with such a conflict?




About 4 pages should be sufficient. Please provide an adequate level of depth and detail in a clear and concise manner. I reserve the right to deduct points for loose connections and/or limited self-reflection.


Formal APA style is not required (i.e., no need for a title page, reference list, etc.). However, please cite specific points from the readings, our class discussions, the PowerPoints on D2L, etc. and include page/slide numbers as appropriate in parentheses (e.g., “Adler PowerPoint, Slide 3” or “DeRobertis reading, p. 127”).


Also, be sure to proofread your paper before submitting. I reserve the right to deduct points for excessive spelling, grammar, and/or mechanical errors.


Please submit your reflection as a Word document to D2L Assignments by 5PM on Monday, Nov. 16. Late submissions will not be accepted.

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