Reflection Paper

In this paper you will review the course objectives mentioned  below and material for this course as you justify how you met the four learning objectives. You should integrate the readings and/or additional resources. You should reflect on your personal learning in the course and how it has contributed to your development as an online learner.

Format and mechanics: • The paper will contain appropriate APA style and citations  • 2-3 pages  • 12-point font, Times New Roman, double-spaced, 1” margins

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Reflection Paper
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The Four Course Objectives

● Demonstrate the ability to think critically in a variety of educational contexts and evaluate evidence on adult learning and growth mindset theories.

● Develop a deeper understanding of self and your learning community.

● Reflect on your motivation to succeed in an online program and create an academic success plan.

● Understand the technical requirements of your online courses and how to use library features.

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