roject Purpose Statement Background & Significance and PIC

This week’s assignment is STEP 2 – Project Purpose Statement, Background & Significance and PICOt Formatted Clinical Project Question. The student will answer the items below in a Word doc and submit to the assignment link. Provide a title that conveys or describes the assignment. Project Purpose Statement – Provide a declarative sentence or two which summarizes the specific topic and goals of the project. Background and Significance – State the importance of the problem and emphasize what is innovative about your proposed project. Discuss the potential impact of your project on your anticipated results to the betterment of health and/or health outcomes. PICOt formatted Clinical Project Questions – Provide the Population, Intervention, Comparison, Expected Outcomes and timeframe for the proposed project. References – Cite references using APA 7th ed format. Expectations Length: See section requirements above Format: Completed template with references in APA 7th ed. format File name: Save the file with Student First Name_Last Name_Part 2

326693Nov 22, 5:25 PM

Please remember that my teacher provided feedback on the introduction. Thank you.

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roject Purpose Statement Background & Significance and PIC
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