Rwandan Genocide

They can use this video as a reference on the structure
It should be strictly 1800 words.

Your essay (which will be in MLA) is a compare and contrast essay on the topic of the Rwandan Genocide. It is generally agreed that the international response to this genocide was totally inadequate and ineffective. For your final essay, you will compare and contrast either (the choice is yours):

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Rwandan Genocide
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1. The international response to the Rwandan genocide, compared to the international response to another genocide of your choosing;

2. The actions of the UN in Rwanda compared to the actions of foreign states;

3. The causes of the Rwandan genocide, compared to the causes of another genocide of your choosing.

Briefly put, the structure of a compare and contrast essay is as follows:

Elements of event A
Similarities with event B
Other elements of event A
Differences of this element with event B

For example, you might have an essay structured like this:

Introduction (your thesis)
The key causes of the Rwandan Genocide;
The key causes of the Armenian Genocide;
The international response to the Rwandan Genocide;

Difference international response to the Armenian Genocide;
Conclusion: lessons to be learned.

This essay will, of course, require you to do some online research of both the Rwandan Genocide and another genocide of your choosing, for example:

The Holocaust in WW2;
The Armenian genocide;
The Holodomor genocide;
The Nanking massacre;

Some other genocide of your choosing (but it should be in the 20th century on).

I suggest that you begin by going through the following steps:

Gather data (causes, effects, etc) on the Rwandan genocide;
Gather data on Genocide B of your choosing;
Make a list of comparisons between Rwanda and B;
Make a list of differences between Rwanda and B.

It should go without saying, but please note that your differences and comparisons should NOT be generic or over-simplistic. Examples of generic and over-simplistic comparisons/contrasts might be:

People died in both;
They happened in different locations;
The military was involved…etc.

A better example of points of comparison and contrast would be things like:

The role of the media (radio, TV, etc) in agitating the key players;
The reaction (or inaction) of the UN or international peacekeeping forces;
Similarities in causes, or differences in these…. Etc.

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