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Scholarship essay
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In an original 400-500 word essay, reflect on the quote below and describe two to three “skills and habits” you plan to develop abroad, and how they will help you to thrive in a global community.

“In the 21st century, “global education” is redundant — if it isn’t global, it isn’t an education … College graduates must possess the knowledge, skills, and habits of mind that will allow them to thrive in a global community.” – Dr. George B. Forsythe

These are the skills I plan to develop abroad. Please pick three out of the five that you can best use to write a strong, concise, well-written essay that will help me win the scholarship. I will also attach my resume if you want to use it for reference.

1. Resilience

2. Adaptability

3. Self-Awareness

4. Communication

5. Cultural-Awareness

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