Social Construction Paper

Identity a social problem or issue of interest to the social welfare system
-History of the social problem: How has this problem been identified and defined. To what causes was the problem attributed? What were the consequences of the problem? Who benefited from the problem? Who suffered? How has the definition of the problem changed over time?

-Intervention: Select an event or a policy that was designed to have impact on the problem. What was the intervention? What was it designed to do? Was it successful? Who did it help? Who did it fail to help?
-Current and future implications: Identify the current state of affairs on this issue. What has been accomplished? What still needs to be done? Who will do it? What remains to be done?
-Social Work response: Identify how the social work profession has responded to this issue. What kind of response was taken – advocacy, development of services, legislation or nothing?

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Social Construction Paper
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