Spanish Quiz

  1. Carlos el ocupado. Carlos Pacheco is a very busy person. Complete the following paragraph about his life using the indicated possessive adjectives. Remember, possessive adjectives agree with the noun they modify in number and, sometimes, gender.
  2. ¿Cómo te va? Complete the following e-mail to a friend by conjugating each of the verbs in parentheses in the present tense.
  3. Reading Comprehension. Isabel writes to her pen pal in the United States about her vacation plans. Read the e-text message and answer the questions below in complete sentences. (4×3=12 pts.; 2 for logical answer; 1 pt. for grammatical accuracy; 1 pt. for correct spelling).
  4. Writing. Describe in Spanish one of your favorite family members, giving the following information: his/her name, where he/she lives and/or is from, what he/she looks like, and two things about his/her personality. Also mention what he/she does for a hobby or profession, what you do and what you both do in your free time (tiempo libre). If you prefer to talk about a friend’s family member, you may do so. (16 pts; máx. 4 pts. for creativity and fulfilling the requirements; 4 pts. for quality of expression and vocabulary; 4 pts. for quality of expression and structure; 4 pts. for organization and coherence).

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