Spanish-speaking world

In this week´s Discussion, you will describe interesting places that you wish to explore in the future, two in the Spanish-speaking world and another of your choice.

Do a Google Search of interesting sites in Chile, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico, such as parks, rain forests, islands, and deserts.
Imagine that you are going to travel to each place.
You will write about your travel plans and ask classmates about their preferences.

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Spanish-speaking world
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Remember to choose 2 places from this list: Chile, La República Dominicana, Puerto Rico

Choose 1 place in the US that you wish to visit, such as a National Park, World Heritage Site, or city.

Describe each of the 3 places you wish to visit with a minimum of 5 facts about each, such as location, history, local attractions, ecotourism opportunities, foods, music, and art.
Use the verbs Pensar plus infinitive, Ir a Infinitive, and Querer plus infinitive to describe your plans. Remember not to use the formal future.
Mention the foods and beverages of the region that you wish to order, and the local currency you will use to pay for lodging and food.
Include a minimum of 2 pictures.
I need about 120 words

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