Stem Cell Research Discussion and two Peer Response

A controversial issue, closely related to cloning, that has caused a lot of debate is the use of embryonic stem cells. One possible application of these cells is that they may be able to supply replacement tissues to treat diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, paralysis due to spinal cord injuries, and other degenerative diseases. The word “embryonic”, has caused fierce opposition to this type of research because embryos are destroyed when the stem cells are removed. Questions that have surfaced in this debate include: When a cell nucleus is transferred to another cell, have we created life? Does a stem cell have the same status as a human? What should be done with the embryos that are left over at in vitro fertilization (IVF), clinics? Advocates argue that the medical benefits of stem cell research would be enormous. Opponents argue that life begins at conception and thus this type of research is abortion.

Based on what you have read, explain why you are for or against stem cell research. How would you explain your position to someone who disagrees with you?

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Stem Cell Research Discussion and two Peer Response
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Please explain your answer and post it in the discussion area.


I feel as is stem cell which is closely related to cloning will always be a controversial issue. When people hear that embryos are destroyed when the stem cell is removed many people think life is lost or taken away. I definitely sit on the fence with this topic because of the research out there. I feel like stem cell is a great option because it could have another life a more normal healthy life and could potentially treat diseases such as Parkinson’s. On the other hand, I do see where people also think by destroying an embryo you are taking away a life that could have been made. I guess every controversial issue has two sides and you would need to outweigh the pros and cons of each situation to see what is the best option and if there are other options that are available.


In my personal opinion, healthcare services are directly impacted by networking and professional relations. In recent years, a personal relationship between the physicians and patients have made a world of difference. The best recommendation is one from family and/or friends, which can bring in more patients. So, maintaining a professional relationship between physicians and patients is worth clinic resources, as it seems to be a good investment for the future. In terms of networking, I believe there is a strong correlation between the size of the clinic and the effectiveness of networking. However, I think the bigger the clinic, the more effective networking techniques are utilized. According to Smith, many major hospitals focus their patient care behind an integrative approach, which includes networking and professional relationships (2019, pg 687). This approach is more reasonable at major hospitals, as they have more resources to implement this approach.

Smith, T. W., & Weihs, K. (2019). Emotion, Social Relationships, and Physical Health: Concepts, Methods, and Evidence for an Integrative Perspective. Psychosomatic medicine, 81(8), 681–693.

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