Storyboard Journal

Also review the example below and see how to represent experiences that were both positive and negative and see how to capture major themes for a given stage.

Go to the lino website and complete your storyboard on the electronic bulletin board using the sticky notes as directed in the video (in-seat students will complete this in class).

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Storyboard Journal
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The purpose of this assignment is to take a snapshot of your entire life developmental process up to this point in all areas. This may include, spiritual, physical, psychological, social, etc. just to name a few. Consider the beginning, and both positive and negative experiences, schemas, etc. that you are aware of that have impacted you and your developmental process. Carefully consider, after noting these and logging them in a creative manner however you like, how these experiences have impacted who you will become and how you will develop as a counselor?

After completing your storyboard, you will share it and process the information. In-seat students should be prepared to share their storyboard with a classmate and process the material in class. Online students should coordinate a time with another student to share and process their storyboard using some form of face to face communication (e.g. Skype, Google Hangouts, Face Time, VSee, etc.).

Lastly, write 4-5 paragraphs in a journal format summarizing what you have learned from completing this project. This is not a paper and will be graded pass/fail. Considering the following items may help you in writing these paragraphs.

  • How did you choose “the beginning” and why did you choose this?
  • What key ages or stages did you notice and why were they critical to your development?
  • What was your schema or perception of your family?
  • Can you see theories in your developmental storyboard align with areas of your own developmental process? (Be sure to include appropriate references to the theories)
  • What was it like to share your storyboard with another? What was it like to have a peer share their storyboard? How might this experience relate to counseling?
  • How might you use this exercise in a clinical or career counseling setting?


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