Structural-Functional Theory

Please answer the question in essay format with properly written and structured sentences. THE READING NEEDED IS ONE CHAPTER THAT I UPLOADED HERE AND IT IS THE ONLY SOURCE TO BE USED.

The reading comes from the book “Organization Theory and Public Management” by Jonathan R. Tompkins. Chapter #10 is needed to answer these questions it is attached.

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Structural-Functional Theory
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Tompkins- Structural-Functional Theory, Chapter 10

8. ESSAY QUESTION: Implicit Theory of Organizational Change


In the manufacturing plant studied by Gouldner, Old Doug was replaced by Mr Peele as plant manager. Mr. Peele managed things according to a punishment centered pattern. Old Doug used a representative pattern. Identify each pattern and then using highlights from places you have worked, identify the pattern that you found yourself working under or managing with. If you worked in a representative pattern give an estimate (high to Low); the general morale of the workers(high to low) and your reaction to this style. Apply the same questions if you worked in a punishment-pattern workplace. Weigh in with a considered opinion related to a personal experience where possible to Gouldner’s “vicious cycle” analysis of consequences related to punishment-centered management. Refer to Exhibit 10-1, Tompkin

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