Technology Changes Everything

Week 1 – Assignment


Technology Changes Everything

This assignment provides another opportunity for you to evaluate a  variety of digital and assistive technologies for supporting diverse  learners. For this assignment, you will create a presentation using  Microsoft PowerPoint or other presentation software of your choice. To  prepare for this assignment, it is recommended that in addition to  reading  Edyburn (2013) Chapter 1 that you also review the Week One  Instructor Guidance. Additionally, be sure to view the TEDx Talks (2012)  video Can Technology Change Education? Yes!: Raj Dhingra at TEDxBend (Links to an external site.).  While you watch the video, pay particular attention to the story  Dhingra tells about the Firefly Mobile Learning Bus utilized in Turkey  and how students are connecting to technology for teaching and learning  in rural parts of the world.

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Technology Changes Everything
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Next, watch the Conscious Educating (2011) video Microsoft Vision of the Classroom of the Future (Links to an external site.),  which shows how technology might affect a classroom in the future while  considering how much technology has changed in such a short period of  time. Finally, watch the TED (2010) video The Child-Driven Education (Links to an external site.)   in which Sugata Mitra discusses how the best teachers and the schools  that need them the most can connect through effective use of technology.

The purpose of this assignment is to showcase how technology has  evolved with regard to teaching and learning and to show the influence  it has on supporting all learners and encouraging student independence.  The videos listed above provide numerous examples to inform the  presentation requirements. It is recommended that you take some time to  consider what will occur in the Week Six Final Project and how the work  completed in this assignment could inform the Final Project. Create your  presentation using the content and written communication instructions  below. Use the Grading Rubric to review your presentation before  submission to ensure you have met the distinguished performance for each  of the components described below. For additional assistance, review  the Week One Instructor Guidance and, if needed, contact the instructor  for further clarifications.

Refer to:

Week 1 Presentation Template

Content Instructions

  • Slide Length and Design (0.5 point): The presentation  should be five to eight slides in length including title and references  slides. Use relevant and appropriate graphics, sound, and/or animation  that assist in presenting the overall main point but do not distract  from the information presented. Slides should have a consistent theme,  format, and font that augment the readability of the presentation.
  • Evolution of Technology (1 point): Discuss three ways the evolution of technology has impacted teaching and learning.
  • Technology Examples (2 points): Describes three examples of how digital and assistive technologies can be used to support diverse learners.
  • Technology Influence (2 points): Discusses three ways technology influences student independence.

Written Communication Instructions

  • Syntax and Mechanics (0.5 point): Display meticulous comprehension and organization of syntax and mechanics, such as spelling and grammar.
  • Source Requirement (0.5 point): Reference each of the  featured videos as well as the Edyburn (2013) course text on the  references slide and correctly cite all sources within the body of the  presentation.
  • APA Formatting (0.5 point): Use APA formatting  consistently throughout the assignment. Refer to the Ashford University  Writing Center for assistance with APA style and formatting or your copy  of the APA Style Manual.

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