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You must submit your work as a .doc, .docx, , or .pdf file only. If you use any other file format, your work will not be accepted in that format and you will be required to resubmit your work if you wish to receive a mark. 3. Proofread your work. Spelling errors, grammatical errors, errors in the use of punctuation, errors in the correct use of possessive and pluralization, and other similar such errors of writing and editing will be scored

a. Under 5 errors – likely forgiven b. Between 5-7 errors – 1/2 of a letter grade deducted c. Between 8-10 errors – 1 full letter grade deducted d. Above 10 errors – 2 full letter grades deducted e. Above 20 errors – mandatory failing mark 4. Use whatever citation style you wish to use

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Create a standard cover page with a title for your essay 6. Ensure you include a bibliography at the end of the essay. All materials will be from our course, so we already know what you’ll be using, but this is also an opportunity to practice citation and attribution. 7. Your assignment must not exceed 1700 words of written essay text. Please count those words separately from your title page and bibliography when you determine if it has reached the appropriate length for the exam. 8. All course materials are eligible for your use in this final examination, however you are not permitted to use any outside materials at all. This is an exam essay, not a final research paper – you are being examined on your knowledge of course materials. If you fail to adhere to this rule, I reserve the right to penalize you for each breach, and if there are systematic breaches of this rule, you will receive a zero on this assignment


Referring to no less than eight unique sources from our course materials, please create a response to the following prompt: Will the various global phenomena we have surveyed this semester bring humanity closer together around shared politics, economic needs, environmental needs, cultural practices, exposure to risk, and the universal elements of scientific and metaphysical knowledge systems; or, on the other hand, will we bear witness to dissolvent forces which threaten to undo not only any remaining semblance of world peace, but even the shared elements of human civilization? Use the materials from the course to illustrate your argument with concrete examples. If there are any underlying themes that explain several of your examples, please indicate what that/those might be (such as theoretical, scientific, technological, theological, cultural, and/or other changes, perhaps). Then, after you make your argument, find one reason/circumstance, that, if it were true instead of what you initially argued above, would undermine your argument to some degree (if you are a global optimist, you become a pessimist because of this anomaly; if you are a global pessimist, you make become an optimist). Make sure you explain each point you make.

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