TFEB-driven endocytosis coordinates MTORC1 signaling and autophagy

1. Clearly state the general area of research interest being studied and the importance of the work to a specific/general aspect in cell biology.
2. Summarize the specific research problem being addressed and detail any specific hypotheses being tested/explored.
3. Provide a brief description of the experimental approach, methods, and logic used for the research paper.
4. Review the experimental results and conclusions. Every experiment and/or figure does not have to be reviewed in detail. This requires you use your best judgment as to what is/are most important pieces of data in the paper.
5. Critique the strength and weaknesses of the report and substantiate your decisions. Lastly, include a brief discussion as to how the paper could be improved; remember there is historical context and so you can discuss how the work might be done in a current state-of-the-art context.
A. Page limitations = 2.5 pages.
B. Line spacing = 1.5
C. Text = Arial 11 pt

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TFEB-driven endocytosis coordinates MTORC1 signaling and autophagy
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